(As this is intended to be a growing website these are our first Baby Steps, Feb 2013)


Welcome to the Lighthouse Point News Reel. A dynamic, new experimental concept in localized Social Media.


This website is primarily about the “Happiest Little City” in America:




It is hosted by Erica Davey and Jan Davey.


We are deliberately Keeping the website Straight and Simple (as in.. stupid)...KISS principal,  because we feel that the whole world is choking on information overload and have no time for yet another elaborate, complicated affair.


So all you can expect to find here will be exclusive Local events in "Mini-Movie" format about activities in Lighthouse Point as they happen and perhaps a few links to other appropriate sites.


The Stars of our productions, actors & actresses, will be “We the People” of Lighthouse Point.


We wish to record in an Audio-Visual format, history in the making of Lighthouse Point.


To support our efforts we hope to attract a few local sponsors which may appear as we develop & grow.


The success of our website will depend on how we proliferate cyber space. So please help us and link us to your Facebook or other social media.


Because we just started the idea, our site will pretty much be grown on an ad hoc basis. Therefore any reasonable suggestions to improve the site will be considered.


You can email me at Erica@EricaDavey.com


Mission Statement: Out of respect for our viewers’ most precious commodity: TIME, we deliberately keep the video contents concise, as in “Mini-Movies”, trying to capture the spirit of an event. If at the end of a Mini Movie you want to see more, then: Mission Accomplished

Technical Info: All videos are shot in HD with a full frame DSLR Canon 5D Mark ll . It is edited in Adobe Premier Pro and related programs. Rendered in H264 HD wide screen. We aim to bring our viewers  the highest quality productions in this, the ultimate media of sharing information.